On November 7, 2023, the Social Skills Development Foundation FRUMIS in collaboration with the University of Rzeszow undertook an ambitious project titled "In Search of Integration". This project, co-financed by the Ministry of Education and Science, aimed to support the academic community, promote science and education, and develop social skills among students, both Polish and those from other countries.


Educational and sports workshops were held at the Institute of Physical Culture Sciences, gathering 100 participants, including 21 international students. We focused on integrating the international student community by developing skills such as group cooperation and communication. These workshops included sessions on topics like "Tolerance vs. Acceptance," led by prof. UR Urszula Gruca-Miąsik, and "Intentions and Motivation," led by Dr. Paweł Lenik. The goal of the workshops was to strengthen bonds, establish new connections, and expand awareness of these topics.

Additionally, participants had the opportunity to actively spend their free time searching and developing common passions and talents through physical activities and motion animations led by TEAM FRUMIS. ZIQA, with its gaming zone, activated students towards cooperative actions.

Project Outcomes:

The project contributed to the integration of the student community, including individuals from various cultures, which was a vital element in building an integrated academic environment. Workshop participants developed their social skills, significantly impacting their personal and academic development. Survey results among participants showed high satisfaction with the organization and content of the workshops.

Implementation Conclusions:

The project's implementation conclusions indicate the need to expand its scope through collaboration with other universities and international organizations, diversify funding sources, increase resources and organizational support, use technology to break language and cultural barriers, and develop training and educational programs.

In summary, the "In Search of Integration" project established new standards in international integration and social skills development. We are proud of its realization and its positive impact on the academic community. This project represents an important step towards building intercultural bridges and supporting the comprehensive development of youth.